setup-kolab Command-Line Reference

The setup-kolab command allows each component it configures for you, to be configured separately from the others. To view the list of components setup-kolab, execute setup-kolab help.

# setup-kolab help
freebusy                  - Setup Free/Busy.
help                      - Display this help.
imap                      - Setup IMAP.
kolabd                    - Setup the Kolab daemon.
ldap                      - Setup LDAP.
mta                       - Setup MTA.
mysql                     - Setup MySQL.
php                       - Setup PHP.
roundcube                 - Setup Roundcube.
syncroton                 - Setup Syncroton.

[root@kolab ~]# setup-kolab –help Usage: setup-kolab [options]

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

Runtime Options:

Configuration file to use


Set the debugging verbosity. Maximum is 9, tracing protocols like LDAP, SQL and IMAP.


Set the logging level. One of info, warn, error, critical or debug


Log file to use

-q, --quiet

Be quiet.

-y, --yes

Answer yes to all questions.

LDAP Options:

Specify FQDN (overriding defaults).


Allow anonymous binds (default: no).


Skip setting up the LDAP server.


Setup configuration for OpenLDAP compatibility.


Setup configuration for Active Directory compatibility.

PHP Options:

Specify the timezone for PHP.


Specify the path to the php.ini file used with the webserver.

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