Using the Kolab Web Administration Panel

The Overview page of the Kolab Web Administration Panel lists object types the user that is logged in is eligible to list – that is, the user has at least read and search access on the container of the type of object.

For example, a user may have access to ou=People (the container for Users), but not cn=kolab,cn=config (for Domains).

In such a case, the user would have a Users page to navigate to, but not a Domains page.

This list can include:

  • Users

    This part of the interface allows an administrator to add new users and edit, list and search existing users. This may include Kolab users, but also POSIX users, or even contacts.

  • Groups

    Groups are used for message distribution (called distribution groups), can be used as POSIX groups, and could be used to assign permissions in LDAP.

    By default, group membership is not used to share information in IMAP such as calendars or other payload. The default configuration uses roles for IMAP group ACLs instead.

  • Domains

    This section allows you to control what namespaces the server will receive email for, as well as whether that namespace is or is not a completely separate and isolated organizational hierarchy.

  • Roles

    Roles are used to assign permissions to Kolab users. A role already included in your installation is the one used for Kolab administration (the kolab-admin role).

    Roles can be used as IMAP group ACLs, and adjust, restrict or liberate the use of plugins and/or settings in web services such as the Roundcube web client, iRony (CardDAV/CalDAV), Syncroton (ActiveSync) and Chwala (Files).

  • Resources

  • Shared Folders

    This section allows the administration of shared folders,

  • Settings

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The Kolab Web Administration Panel and its API

The Kolab Web Administration Panel by default uses the $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"] PHP variable to find its way back to its API.

If you use your desktop browser to navigate to, the Web Administration Panel will seek to address its API using should thus resolve to the correct IP address, from the perspective of the Web Administration Panel server.

Alternatively, you can override the api url in kolab.conf(5) as follows:

api_url =

Overview page of the Kolab Web Administration Panel

Users Administration

Groups Administration

Domains Administration

The Domains page of the Kolab Web Administration Panel lists, on the left-hand side, parent domain name spaces.


The Domains