Mac OS X Native Applications


Apple Mail

When you start Apple Mail the first time, it will ask you to provide your name, your email address and your password. Please provide your Kolab Groupware credentials there. In the following screens, please give this information:

  • User Name: Your full Kolab Groupware email address like <your-email>

  • Incoming Mail Server: <kolab-host>

  • Outgoing Mail Server: <kolab-host>

Please see the screenshots below for details.

Some versions of OS X fail at auto-detecting the correct settings and require the following manual steps:

  1. Go to Accounts -> Account Information

  2. Select Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) -> Edit SMTP Server list…

  3. In the Advanced tab, select Use custom port and set the port to 587.

  4. Please check the option Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and use Password as authentication method.