Reporting Bugs Against Kolab

For the version of Kolab you are running, it is assumed that the issue you are running in to exists in both your version, and the next version of Kolab (i.e. the development version).

At the time of this writing, this can be Kolab 16 (stable) or Winterfell (development).

Therefore, report a bug against Kolab in Phabricator. You’ll describe what it is you did, what the expected results are, what results you got, and how those results do not meet your expectations.

It is assumed all bugs are issues in the development of Kolab, for two main reasons:

  • Development teams need to ensure the next version of the software is tested for the issue you find.

  • The bug zappers are able to assist you with troubleshooting, suggesting work-arounds, configuration, and providing the necessary information.

    They are also aware of the software projects involved, such that a single bug may include up to as many as 6 individual software projects.

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