End of Sprint Checklist

At or near the end of a sprint:

  • The current sprint must be archived after Friday, 17:00 Europe/Zurich.

  • The current sprint must have its additional sprint_current hashtag removed.

  • Tickets that remain open in the current sprint must be moved forward on to the next sprint.


    The column for these tickets in the current sprint should be reflected in the next sprint, which requires manual intervention.

    Click the downward facing arrow on each of the relevant columns, and choose Batch Edit Tasks….

    Associate the project tag for the next sprint.

  • The next sprint becomes the current sprint, and thus:

    • Remove the additional hashtag sprint_next,

    • Add the additional hashtag sprint_current.

  • The sprint after the next sprint needs to be created;

    • The sprint runs from a Monday 09:00 AM to the following Friday 05:00 PM.

    • Ensure the dates selected for the Monday and the Friday are those for the week number of the sprint (as opposed to the defaults).

    • Use an additional hashtag of sprint_next.

  • Verify the (now) current sprint (but actually next week’s) actually has sufficient tickets in its backlog, because idling is for jet engines with reverse thrusters deployed while in flight.