Contributing to the Documentation

This documentation can easily be contributed to by cloning the following git repository.


The documentation is only as good as your willingness to contribute to it.

Other documentation included here:

Building the Documentation

Most of our more regular contributors clone the repository to their local workstation, and then build the documentation before pushing back changes to their fork of kolab-docs. To build the documentation, you need to have Sphinx installed. You can also find some hints, tips and tricks on their website, with regards to the reStructuredText format the documentation is written in.

  1. Naturally, first clone the git repository.

    $ git clone
  2. Navigate in to the fresh clone:

    $ cd docs
  3. To build the documentation, issue the following command:

    $ make html
  4. Make some changes, and build and view the result:

    $ make html
    $ xdg-open build/html/index.html
  5. When you are satisfied, commit the results and submit a Differential:

    $ git commit -a
    $ arc diff
  6. Push your changes back into our Phabricator instance. Timotheus wrote a good tutorial on how to do that.

Enjoy and thanks for contributing to Kolab!