The vacation autoresponder’s purpose is to provide correspondents with notification that the user is away for an extended period of time and that they should not expect quick responses.

Vacation is used to respond to an incoming message with another message.

This interface is part of Filters functionality and provides a simple way to manage vacation responses.

Vacation message

To enable the autoresponder you have to set at least the response body and change the status to On.


Response subject is optional. By default the reply subject will be set to Auto: <original subject>


Response body. Here you put the reason of your absence or any other text that will be send to sender.

Vacation start/end

These fields define when the vacation rule is active and are optional.


This field activates the rule. If you always use the same response body it is convenient to disable the vacation rule when it’s not needed and enable again another time.

Advanced settings

Reply sender address

This is an email address that will be used as sender of the vacation reply.

My email addresses

Normally the vacation response is send if recipient address of the incoming message is one of your addresses known to the server. Here you can add more addresses.

Reply interval

This parameter defines how often the reply to the same sender is generated. When you receive a lot of messages from the same sender in short time, usually you don’t want to reply to all of them. By default reply is send once a day.

Incoming message action

This field defines an action taken on the incoming message. You can discard or keep it or redirect/copy to another account (so it can be handled by another person).