Searching Contacts

For searching contacts enter name or email address into the search box above the in the toolbar area and press <Enter> on your keyboard to start the search. Search results will be displayed in the contact list in the middle. The number of contacts mathing your query is displayed in the footer area of the contact list and in case the results span multiple pages, use the arrow button in the list header to brwose through them.

Reset the search by clicking the Reset search icon on the right border of the search box.

Searching covers all directories and the results are mixed together from all sources. Which directory a particular contact belongs to is displayed at the top of the contact properties box, right above the contact’s picture and name.

Advanced Search Form

While the simple search box in the toolbar area just searches for the entered words across all contact properties, the advanced search function allows a more specifc query on the address book.

Click the Advanced toolbar button and the search form appears in the contact area on the right. Here you can enter search parameters for the individual contact fields. For example you can search for all contacts named “Paul” (First Name) who are living in “New York” (Address).

Start the search by pressing the Search button below the form. The contact list in the middle will show all contacts matching all the criterias entered. If none is listed, the Status Display will display an according message.

Saved Searches

When having access to huge address directories, searching is probably the preferred way to navigate through them. Beside organizing contacts in groups, you can also create filters aka “saved searches”. Such a filter remembers the parameters used when searching for contacts and executes that search again when recalled.