Canned Responses

This settings section lets you manage your personal boilerplates (aka “canned responses”) which are handy when replying to messages with prepared responses.

Edit Reponses

The middle pane displays a list of saved responses. Select one to see its name and text in the form on the right. You can right away edit both and save the changes by clicking the Save button.


If the fields are not editable and there’s no Save button below, this is a global response defined by the system administrator which cannot be edited.

Create a New Response

Click the + icon in the response list footer to create a new response. Give it a name, enter the response text and finish with clicking the Save button.

Delete a Reponse

The Delete button also located in the response list footer will delete the currently selected item after displaying a confirmation dialog.

The button may be grayed out for global responses managed by the system administrator.