Event data is usually exchanged using the standard iCalendar format which is supported for import and export.

Importing Events

This is how to add events from an iCalendar (.ics) file:

  1. Click the Import toolbar button in the calendar view.

  2. Then select the file to import from your computer’s hard drive.

  3. Select the calendar to import the events to.

  4. Select the threshold for old events to be imported.

  5. Click Import and wait for the upload to finish.

The calendar view will be refreshed to display the newly imported events. Verify that the according calendar is active if you don’t see them.

Exporting Events

Events from your calendars can be exported and downloaded in the iCalendar format.

  1. Click the Export toolbar button in the calendar view.

  2. Select the calendar where events should be exported from.

  3. With the Events from selector you choose the time constraints for exporting.

  4. Click the Export button to start the export.

  5. Choose where to save the exported .ics file if prompted, otherwise check the “Downloads” folder on your computer.