Installation of Kolab Enterprise 14 on Debian 8 (jessie)ΒΆ

  1. Install the apt-transport-https package:

    # aptitude -y install apt-transport-https
  2. Add the following two lines to /etc/apt/sources.list.d/kolab.list:

    deb jessie release updates
    deb-src jessie release updates
  3. To ensure the Kolab packages have priority over the Debian packages, such as must be the case for PHP as well as Cyrus IMAP, please make sure the APT preferences pin the origin as a preferred source.

    Put the following in /etc/apt/preferences.d/kolab:

    Package: *
    Pin: origin
    Pin-Priority: 501
  4. Install the client certificate and certificate authority files:

    1. Remove the passphrase from the SSL certificate key:

      # openssl rsa -in /path/to/private.key \
          -out /path/to/private.key.nopass
    2. Concatenate the certificate file and the new key file without passphrase:

      # cat /path/to/public.crt /path/to/private.key.nopass \
          > /path/to/
    3. Place the file mirror.kolabsys.client.pem in /etc/apt/certs/.

    4. Download the kolabenterprice mirror certificate:

      # cd /etc/apt/certs/
      # wget
    5. Correct the permissions on the private key:

      # chown root:root /etc/apt/certs/
      # chmod 640 /etc/apt/certs/
  5. Configure APT to use the certificates installed in step 4 by creating a file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/81kolab with the following contents:

    Acquire {
        https {
                Verify-Peer "true";
                Verify-Host "true";
                CaInfo "/etc/apt/certs/";
                SslCert "/etc/apt/certs/";
                SslKey "/etc/apt/certs/";
  6. Update the repository metadata:

    # apt-get update
  7. Start the installation of the base package as follows:

    # aptitude install kolab
  8. When asked to confirm you want to install the package and its dependencies, press Enter.

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