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Preparing the System

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Installation Guide

Current Release

The most recent version of Kolab is Winterfell. This version is a perpetual development work in progress, and is NOT considered anywhere near stable.

The current recommended version for supported production deployments is Kolab 16.1.

For subscription-based support of Kolab installations, please visit the Kolab Enterprise Knowledge Base, which offers product, services and support for all sizes of business, government, NGO, and educational organizations. You can read about the advantages of a Kolab subscription.

Installing the Kolab Groupware Solution

Install the latest version of the Kolab Groupware solution for one of the following platforms:

If your personal favorite is not listed, please read the “Support Your Distribution, or else ...” blog article, and follow the instructions.

Bleeding Edge

Latest Kolab Enterprise Version

Older versions of Kolab Enterprise

Installing the Kolab Desktop Client

The Kolab Desktop Client is maintained by community volunteers in their spare time.

It has a fast release cycle and is in steady movement. If things do not work as expected, please consider contributing.