What is Kolab Groupware?

Kolab Groupware is a secure, scalable, reliable, flexible, full-featured collaboration suite.

Kolab is entirely Free and Open Source Software (a.k.a. FOSS), and uses Open Standards. We’ll get to why this is important to us, and hope that it is important to you thereafter.

The Kolab Groupware community has been around for well over a decade, and is a vibrant mixture of people from all breeds of life – including technical, artistic, political, medical, legal, logistical, military and what-have-you.

Kolab Groupware is the glue between the various pieces of software you would choose to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) your own mail server, and adds to that collaboration capabilities, mobile phone synchronization, native integration in to desktop operating system platforms such as Mac OS X, Linux and Windows – in a ready-to-go, integrated offering with a uniquely uniform look and feel.

This is built from the ground up with security, privacy and user control in mind, reusing the best of Free Software where already available. As such, Kolab Groupware is unique in that it is both secure and completely Free Software. Our community motto is therefore to “Do it right or not at all”.

Please feel free to continue with Do It Yourself, or Kolab?, dive right in to it with the Installation Guide, or go back to the Introduction to Kolab Groupware.