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Installation of Kolab Enterprise 13 on Univention Corporate Server 3


There are multiple versions of Kolab for UCS. Make sure you choose the correct version for your requirements.

App Center Edition

An evaluation version of Kolab is available in the Univention App Center. This edition does not provide you with bugfix, security or enhancement updates.

Kolab Enterprise 13

To install the Enterprise edition under Kolab Systems support, execute the following process:

  1. Configure your UCS system to obtain the repository configuration packages:

    # ucr set \
        repository/online/component/kolab-13=enabled \
        repository/online/component/kolab-13/description="Kolab Enterprise 13 Installation Repository" \
        repository/online/component/kolab-13/server="" \
        repository/online/component/kolab-13/prefix="pub/ucs" \
        repository/online/component/kolab-13/version="current" \
  2. Install the client certificate you have obtained from Kolab Systems in the following location:


    If you do not have an SSL client certificate from Kolab Systems, contact

  3. Install the repository configuration package:

    # univention-install kolab-13-enterprise-release

    When the installation complains the package cannot be verified, type [y] and [Enter] to continue:

    WARNING: The following packages cannot be authenticated!
    Install these packages without verification [y/N]? y
  4. Install kolab:

    # univention-install kolab


The Kolab Groupware packages for Univention Corporate Server are configured automatically. There is no need to run any setup.